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It is defined as focusing your attention with concentration on a point or on the flame of a lamp continuously, without blinking.Three types of tratak sadhana

(a) Inner tratak Sadhana  

(b) Middle tratak sadhana  

(c) Outer tratak sadhana

Inner tratak sadhana is closing the eyes and focusing your attention on the middle of your forehead, where Lord Shiva's third eye is located. In the beginning you may feel some pain or heat in your head but do not worry, as it will normalise gradually. Try to keep your entire attention on this point.

In Middle tratak sadhana, focus your eyes and attention on either the flame of a lamp (which is lit by the oil of black sesame) or on a crystal shivlinga. If you get a burning sensation in your eyes, close your eyes for some time and then a...gain repeat this kriya (process). For this kriya, keep the lamp or shivlinga at a distance of 20 inches at eye level so that there is no strain or pressure on your neck.

Benefits: Improves concentration, memory and mental power. Besides, you get foresight, hypnotic and spiritual power. It also increases your working efficiency and the ability to read others' mind

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