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Shanti Karma

Santi mantra

Its helps in keeping all element of the nature at peace. Its also helps in pacifying our mind and the body as a whole. A pacified and satisfied mind is sure to provide bliss to the concerned person.

If you want to be men/women magnet and every woman/man, who looks at you, be eager to have sex with you then you can use kamdev sex mantra. This is a genuine because you are not forcing any male/female using this mantra.

Whenever a stranger will see your face he/she will become mad in love for you. Kamdev is the god of love & sex and this mantra is to attract any boy/girl for sex pupose. In this as soon as he/she will look at your face, he/she will be pulled towards you and will become eager to have sex with you.

You can chant daily minimum 108 and it becomes energized in 40 days to 6 months. If you chant more times than it will attain power faster. Move a rosary ten times daily for 40 days continuously to attain siddhi at an early stage.

As per Indian Classics, Rati (Sexual intercourse) is wife of kamdev (God of love & sex). When one stars chanting this mantras, it starts consuming cosmic energy of Kamdev. The person whom you will keep in mind, will be attracted towards you. This mantra is basically used when a lover step back and deny to marry. Cheating in love-affair is common. Either male deny to marry with female or female goes away anyway. Whenever you are true from the core of you heart and want to marry with your love or want to get him/her back to you forever, this mantra helps you. But the condition is that you might not have sex with him/her before. It becomes khandit dosha and necessary to remove to get the power of this mantra activated.

Use this mantra to get your lover or ex back. Your love as well as you must be true by heart. If Kamdev accepts your prayer, Rati is activated and your lover wants to have sex with you. But your duty is to marry him/her. Do not misuse it. Malefic use of this mantra will bring no result. It is for humanity not to harm it. Remember, Kamdev and Rati is a wedlock.

Mantra of Kamdev

"om klim kamdevaya phtha"

Om kamdevaya vidhimahe pusbandaya dhimahi tanao kamaha prechodayat

Sit on a woolen blanket at the place of your guru or at a holi place when there is a Favorable Nakshatra in the sky and japa 1364 mala within 44 days with full faith, At night, on the same time. These mantras will get energized. When you suppose to use it Remember him/her and japa 31 rosary-cycles daily for 44 days. Remember that time Must be same .Favorable days to start these mantras are Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

For god grace, These will be the most powerful sabri mantras . You will be successful.


Is mantra ko surya graham me sidh kiya jata hai .or aashan ke liye kale kambbalka priyog kiya jata hai.

sabse pahle trikon chauka lagana chahiye Chaumukha ghee ka Deepak jalana chahiye Dakshin disha mai muha karke baithana hai, Naivaidya mai 2 ladoo, 2 laung, sindoor, paan, kaner ke phool, rakhe, mantra main likhe jaap kare

sadhak ko nirvastra hi ye sabhi prakriya karni hai

Is sadhana mai sakshat bhi aa sakte hai isiliye prabal ichha shakti ke sadhak hi iska vidhan kare

Kisi kushal guru ki margdarshan me hi kare.

Uprilikhit vidhan ke liye is mantra ka prayog kiya ja sakta hai lekin isko lagatar 44 din karna hota hai

Jaap:----- 151000 within 21 days

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