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This is the week dedicated to the considerations on the details of sadhana, which means "spiritual practice." The word "sadhana" in Sanskrit means " an effort exercised towards the achievement of a purpose."

In this sense, every effort is some kind of sadhana, because it leads to the achievement of some intended goal. Here in the context of what is known as spiritual sadhana, what is it that we are aimingat? This question has to be put, each by one self, to one's own satisfaction. What do you want, finally? This clarity should precede the best owing of thought on any other type of accessory in sadhana.If the goal is not clear,any means adopted to the goal will fall flat, like a huge structure raised on a weak foundation.

Let each one of you put a question to your own self, "what I am seeking in the end"

Now , we are mentioning some sadhanas/sidhies for welfare of people.

But don't try these mantras without the guidance of your Guru or us.