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Gurushath gurushath guru hai neer guru sahir sankat guru mata guru bhakt karu, guru base banarsi guru ganga ke teer guru ke paman chhaniye jyon jyon jat sareer, kali bramha ki rakhwali dhar bandhu kapar bandhu teeno bhupal bandhu , jogini vash karun, lage na chot aave na ghat ya seem chor or seem ja meri bhagti guru ki sakti, duhai maa kalka ki, Satya naam adesh guru ka

The sadhak can start the jaap on a Monday. To do the jaap, one needs a rudraksh mala, which is given by the Guru as you are initiated into the practice. Sit in siddhasana (or any comfortable asana), pay reverence to your Guru and Lord Ganesh, and maintaining internal awareness of your Guru, start the jaap, chanting the mantra once on every bead, out loud.

You can start with one, two or as many malas everyday, as you are comfortable with, which becomes your basic daily count. You may increase this count gradually, but you cannot reduce it. This basic count has to be done everyday without a break as a niyamظ€خ missing the jaap on any day brings the entire practice to a zero and you have to start all over again. The practitioner needs to complete a count of one lakh twenty five thousand jaaps in the time period stipulated by the Guru. After the completion of this count, a Ganpati Havan is performed of ten percent of this count, that is, twelve thousand five hundred ahutis. After the havan, you can start tapering the count of daily malas gradually, reducing it to one mala everyday. Finally a tarpan of ten percent of the ahutis is performed, that is, the practitioner offers water to the Sun God, one thousand two hundred fifty times, standing in knee-deep Ganges water, to complete this sadhna.

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