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Dhumavati Sadhna

Material For Dhumawati devi Worship

Saffron, Roli, Rice, Pan, Supari (betel-nut), fruits, flowers, milk, Kheel, Batashe, Sindoor (Vermillion), Coins, Cloves, Coriander, Cardamom, Incense, Jaggery, Gangajal, Coconut, Five Gems, Wheat, Sandalwood, Perfume, Urn, White Cloth, Panchamrit, Lotus, Kuber Yantra, Shri Yantra, Picture or idol of Lakshmi Ganesh, Silver Coin, Sweets etc.

Rituals To Worship

Dhumawati puja should be performed a place where you keep your money or safe. Purify the place with gangajal and make a rangoli with beautiful colors and flowers. Take bath in the evening and wear new clothes before commencing the prayer.


Asyasri Dhumawati Maha Mantrasya; Pipplad Rishi; Nivrat Chand; Jyeshtha Devta, Dhoom beejam, Swaha shakti, Dhumawati keelakam; Sri Dhumawati devi mamabhistsidhayarthe jape Viniyogah |

Dhumawati Devi Mantra

"Om Dhoom Dhoom Dhumawati Tha Tha Phat Swaha"


Apsarpantu Te Bhuta Ye Bhuta Bhutle Sthith |
Ye Bhuta Vighankartarste Nashyantu Shivagya||

Spread a red cloth on a wooden platform and establish the idol of Lakshmi-Ganesha on it. Sit on a seat while facing east or north. Chant the mantra and sprinkle gangajal on you and the puja materials.

Mantra- Om Apvitra Pavitro Va Sarvavsthatam Gatopi Va |
Ya Smaret Pundrikansha Sah Bahyabhantar Shuchi ||

Now begin the puja with water and rice and chant,

" Om Vishnuvirshnuvirshnu Shrimandagvato Mahapurushsya Vishnoragpravartmansya Brahmanosahin Dawitiyapradhem Shrishwetvarahakalpe Vivswatmanvantere Ashtavinshtitme Kaliyug Kaliprathamcharne Jambudawipe Bhartvarshe Aryavartekdeshe Adya Masottam Mase Kartikmase Krishpakshe Punyayammavasyayam Tithi".

Take the name of the day and gotra after the mantra.

Now chant,

Now worship lord Ganesha with invite all the other gods and goddesses into the urn filled with rice, flowers and gangajal. Worship the goddess Lakshmi with rituals, along with Shri yantra, silver coin etc. Hold a Lotus flower and remember the goddess by chanting the below given mantra.


Om Pipplad Rishibheyo Namah Shirsi |
Nivracha Chandobhyo Namah Mukhe |
Shri Jeshtha Dhumawati Devtaya Namah Hridi |
Dhoom Beejaye Namaha Guhaye |
Swaha shaktaye namaha Padayoh |
Dhoom Keelakaya Namaha Nabhauo |
Shrimaha Tripur Sundri Prasad Siddyartha Raj Vashyartha Sarva Stri Purush Vashyartha Mantra Jape Viniyoga Namah Sarvange |

Kar - Nyas

Om Dhaam Angushthabhayam Namaha|
Om Dheem Tarjnibhayam Swaha |
Om Dhoom Madhyamabhayam Vasht |
Om Dhaim Anamikabhayam namaha |
Om Dhoum Kanishtikabhayam Vausht |
Om Dhah Kar Tal Karprishthabhayam Phat |

Ang - Nyas

Om Dhaam Hridyaya Namah|
Om Dheem Shirse Swaha |
Om Dhoom Shikhaye Vasht |
Om Dhaim Kawach Hum |
Om Dhaum Netra Treyaya Voshta |
Om Dhah Astraya Phat |


Viverna Chanchala Krishna Deergham Malinambara |
Vimukt Kuntala Ruksha Vidhva Viral Dwija ||
Kakdhwajratharudha Vilambit Payodhara|
Shoorm Hastatirukshakshi Dhoomhasta Varanvita|
Pravadhghosha tu Bhrasham Kutila Kutilekshna|
kshutpipasardita Nityam Bhayada Kalhaspada ||

Dhumawati Devi Mantra

"Om Dhoom Dhoom Dhumawati Tha Tha Phat Swaha"


Dhumawati Kavacha

Jaap:--- 151000 within 21days

Please Don't Try without the Guidance of Perfect Guru or us

Goddess Dhumavati is one of the fearsome aspect of the Dasamahavidyas. Dhuma means smoke and Dhumavati is the one who is composed of smoke. She is the knowledge that comes through hard experience in which our immature and youthful desires and fantasies see an end. Her nature is not illumination but one of obscuration. However to obscure one thing is to reveal another. The significance of this is that by covering all that is known, She reveals the depth of the unknown and the unmanifest. She covers what is evident in order to reveal the hidden and the profound.

She is often depicted as a widow who is the feminine principle devoid of the masculine principle. She is Shakti without Shiva as a pure potential energy without any will to motivate it. Thus she contains within herself all potentials and shows the latent energies that dwell within us. To develop those latent energies we must first recognise them which requires honouring Dhumavati.

She represents the feminine principle of negativity in all the aspects of life. On the outer level she represents poverty, destitution and suffering and all the misfortunes that we all fear in life. It is because of this reason, she is regarded as crooked, troublesome and quarrelsome. But if we look deep into this phenomena, it is the same negativity which causes us to seek a greater fulfillment that can be achieved in the limited realms of the manifest creation. It is only when life seems desparate does one look inside to find the truth. It is believed that married people should not worship her . But the tantra sadhakas continue to worship her in many places.

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Please Don't Try without the Guidance of Perfect Guru or us

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