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Bhuvaneshwari Sadhna

Material For Bhuvaneswari devi Worship

Saffron, Roli, Rice, Pan, Supari (betel-nut), fruits, flowers, milk, Kheel, Batashe, Sindoor (Vermillion), Coins, Cloves, Coriander, Cardamom, Incense, Jaggery, Gangajal, Coconut, Five Gems, Wheat, Sandalwood, Perfume, Urn, White Cloth, Panchamrit, Lotus, Kuber Yantra, Shri Yantra, Picture or idol of Lakshmi Ganesh, Silver Coin, Sweets etc.

Rituals To Worship

Bhuvaneshwari puja should be performed a place where you keep your money or safe. Purify the place with gangajal and make a rangoli with beautiful colors and flowers. Take bath in the evening and wear new clothes before commencing the prayer.


Asyasri Bhuvneswari Maha Mantrasya; Sadashiv Rishi; Trishtup Chand; Sri Bhuvaneswari Devta, Hreem beejam, Aim shakti, Sreem keelakam; Sri Bhuvaneswari devi mamabhistsidhayarthe jape Viniyogah |

Bhuvaneswari Devi Mantra

"Om hrim Bhuvaneswari hrim Om"


Apsarpantu Te Bhuta Ye Bhuta Bhutle Sthith |
Ye Bhuta Vighankartarste Nashyantu Shivagya||

Spread a red cloth on a wooden platform and establish the idol of Lakshmi-Ganesha on it. Sit on a seat while facing east or north. Chant the mantra and sprinkle gangajal on you and the puja materials.

Mantra- Om Apvitra Pavitro Va Sarvavsthatam Gatopi Va | Ya Smaret Pundrikansha Sah Bahyabhantar Shuchi ||

Now begin the puja with water and rice and chant,

" Om Vishnuvirshnuvirshnu Shrimandagvato Mahapurushsya Vishnoragpravartmansya Brahmanosahin Dawitiyapradhem Shrishwetvarahakalpe Vivswatmanvantere Ashtavinshtitme Kaliyug Kaliprathamcharne Jambudawipe Bhartvarshe Aryavartekdeshe Adya Masottam Mase Kartikmase Krishpakshe Punyayammavasyayam Tithi".

Take the name of the day and gotra after the mantra.

Now chant,

Now worship lord Ganesha with invite all the other gods and goddesses into the urn filled with rice, flowers and gangajal. Worship the goddess Lakshmi with rituals, along with Shri yantra, silver coin etc. Hold a Lotus flower and remember the goddess by chanting the below given mantra.


Om Sadashiv Rishibheyo Namah Shirsi |
Trishtup Chandobhyo Namah Mukhe |
Shri Bhuvaneswari Devtaya Namah Hridi |
Hreem Beejaye Namaha Guhaye |
Aim shaktaye namaha Padayoh |
Sreem Keelakaya Namaha Nabhauo |
Shrimaha Tripur Sundri Prasad Siddyartha Raj Vashyartha Sarva Stri Purush Vashyartha Mantra Jape Viniyoga Namah Sarvange |

Kar - Nyas

Om Hraam Angushthabhayam Namaha|
Om Hrim Tarjnibhayam Swaha |
Om Hrum Madhyamabhayam Vasht |
Om Hraim Anamikabhayam namaha |
Om Hroum Kanishtikabhayam Vausht |
Om Hrah Kar Tal Karprishthabhayam Phat |

Ang - Nyas

Om Hraam Hridyaya Namah|
Om Hreem Shirse Swaha |
Om Hroom Shikhaye Vasht |
Om Hraim Kawach Hum |
Om Hraum Netra Treyaya Voshta |
Om Hrah Astraya Phat |


Om baal ravi dyuti mindu kiritaam |
Tung kucham nayan triya yuktaam ||
Smermukhim vadaamkush paasham |
Bheetikaraam prebhaje bhuvnesheem ||

Bhuvaneswari Maha Mantra

"Om Hrim Bhuvaneswari hreem Om"


Bhuvaneswari Kavacha

Jaap:--- 151000 within 21days

Please Don't Try without the Guidance of Perfect Guru or us

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is the fourth of the dasa mahavidyas who gives shape to the creation of the world. Goddess Parvati is the Sagun roop of Goddess Bhuvaneshvari. Her name itself means the ruler of the universe. She is the cosmos personified as Goddess. Worshipping her promotes a cosmic vision and absolves us from the narrowness of opinion and belief. She gives us world vision and a sense of the infinite.

She is also known as Maya which means illusion. When things are measured , we are in their limited forms and forget the underlying unitary space in which they appear. This is how illusion arises. We must understand that all manifest forms are merely waves in the infinite space of the Divine Mother. She is often depicted as having a crescent moon on her head with four hands and three eyes. In her two hands she holds the noose and the goad. With the other two hands, she gives the gestures that grant boons and dispel fears.

There are many temples dedicated to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. The most important shakti peetha is located in Nainativu in Sri Lanka. Also the Utkala brahmins of Orissa worship her as the patron goddess of Bhubaneshwar.The Srividya upasakas also worship her as kamakhya and in south India she is also worshipped as Chandi.

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